Sunday, July 8, 2012

Belgian Waffles

 Belgian Waffles

I'm so in love with Belgium Waffles lately, I guess I've just never been a big fan of pancakes ( but I still eat them sometimes, like twice a year. lol)

Belgian Waffles -however the one I'm talking about is actually Liege waffle, it's just one type of the Belgian Waffles- are more attractive to me. Liege waffles are hard and crispy on the outside.

The key in the recipe I would say is the Belgian Pearl Sugar, and I found it on Amazon, which I feel it's good quality with nice price.

As usual, I'm lazy about writing recipe again (seems like I only write Asian food recipe, but I feel it's not bad, cuz you may google all the recipes that I don't write here, but those I write here, you might not find out great recipes online written in English ), but you know what, just google Liege waffle and pearl sugar, hey, you will find out good recipes!! That's what I did!

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