Friday, May 11, 2012

Bamboo Shoots with Salted Duck Egg (鹹蛋竹筍)

Bamboo Shoots with Salted Duck Egg

I'd been craving for this dish for months. So one day when I went to the Asian supermarket, I purchased two packs of vacuum packaging bamboo shoots.

Salted Duck Egg
Bamboo Shoots
Green Onion
White Pepper Powder
Chile Pepper (depends, only if you like it)

Put bamboo shoots in the broth and cook them with low heat. (about 8-10 minutes)

Unshell the duck Egg(s), and smash the egg(s).

Add some oil in the pan, put the smashed egg in and stir it with medium-low heat.

Add the bamboo shoots in.

Season it. ( Be careful the salt! It depends on how salty your duck egg is, there's no way I can tell you how much salt you should add in)

Add the Chile Pepper (if you like) and green onions. Done!

Enjoy it~~

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