Monday, May 7, 2012

Cold Cucumber Side-dish

Cold Cucumber Side-dish

Summer is coming soon.
Sometimes in hot days, I don't have appetite for food, but something sour and a little spicy can always give me good appetite easily.

Here are two flavor but four different cutting way of the cold cucumber side-dish. Me personally like the fourth the best, cuz it's the easiest way to prep and it's what my mom always did since I was a kid.

The first two were only seasoned with sugar and salt. The last two were seasoned with salt, soy sauce, vinegar, Doubanjiang and crushed garlic cloves (just put the garlic cloves between cutting board and knife, press the knife-- which your knife is not perpendicular to the cutting board, it's put flat as the cutting board is, until the garlic cloves got crushed. And it's how you make the cucumbers into the way in the 4th picture)

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